Saturday, June 5, 2010

$30 Writing School by Michael W Dean

$30 Writing School by Michael W. Dean:Are you aspiring to become a writer, but don’t know what it entails, how to approach it, or even where to begin? In compelling-yet-simple terms, this one-of-a-kind book offers the guidance you need to do all that and more. Following the successful and increasingly popular concept of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself), $30 Writing School is designed to get you up and running on the process for organizing, writing, selling and promoting your own books. You’ll find it pleasantly easy to relate to author Michael W. Dean, a product of the indie revolution as a proven author, filmmaker, and musician himself. His unique style offers an edgier approach that you don’t find in your typical “how to write” book. Written in a conversational tone, techniques and explanations are liberally spliced with Deans personal accounts and stories. You’ll learn specific elements of how to get published including how to write a proposal, get an agent, get a publisher, and work through mainstream outlets. Self-publishing is explained and encouraged, from Quark layout, to working with a printer, to getting press and distributional things the author has done himself. $30 Writing School accompanies two successful others of its kind, $30 Music School (1592000673) and $30 Film School (1592001718), both published by Course Technology PTR. This incomparable do-it-yourself approach to becoming a writer is realistic, straightforward, and inspiring.

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