Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fundamental Neuroscience

Fundamental Neuroscience, 3rd Edition introduces graduate and upper-level undergraduate students to the full range of contemporary neuroscience. Addressing instructor and student feedback on the previous edition, all of the chapters are rewritten to make this book more concise and student-friendly than ever before.

Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology,

Book Description :
This third edition is the new, thoroughly revised edition of the only current, established and authoritative text focusing on the cellular and molecular physiology of nerve cells. Previously titled Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, the new title better reflects this focus.

Encyclopedia / Dictionary, Engineering / Technology, English

This superb and highly-acclaimed dictionary includes over 4000 in-depth entries on scientific and technical terminology associated with environmental protection and resource management. In addition, it contains numerous illustrations, a wide range of international case studies and extensive cross-references to guide the reader.
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Android for Work: Productivity for Professionals

Here are the features of this book...
  •  Buying and Activating an Android Phone
  • Using Your Phone for the First Time
  • Going Online With Android
  • Android Calling
  • Managing Texting
  • Wrangling Your Email
  • The Calendar
  • Android in a Microsoft World
  • Photos and Video
  • Web Browsing
  • Social Media and Work
  • Maps and Mobile
  • The Remaining Android Apps
  • The Android Market
  • General Business Applications
  • Specialized Apps for Professionals

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Modeling Financial Markets

Limitations in today's software packages for financial modeling system development can threaten the viability of any system--not to mention the firm using that system. Modeling Financial Markets is the first book to take financial professionals beyond those limitations to introduce safer, more sophisticated modeling methods. It contains dozens of techniques for financial modeling in code that minimize or avoid current software deficiencies, and addresses the crucial crossover stage in which prototypes are converted to fully coded models.

Modern English Grammer

The book is designed for the students of the senior courses of the University faculties of foreign languages and Teachers' Training Colleges. The aim of the book is therefore to lead the students to a scientific understanding of new assumptions and views of language as system, keeping abreast of the latest findings set forth in the progressive development of grammatical theory by Soviet and foreign scholars in recent times.

Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship

Despite a wealth of efforts that examine separately the role entrepreneurs and universities play in economic development, no systematic effort has been made to examine the role universities play in promoting economic development through entrepreneurship. This book fills that gap, focusing on policy aspects of government - university partnerships with a discussion both of best practices and problematic strategies.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

How To Price Your Product for Maximal Profits

How To Price Your Product for Maximal Profits

How do you know if you have chosen
the perfect price for your product or service?

Pricing is risky for any business, but it's even more so for the online small business owner. Your anxious-to-please competitor is only a click away...

Are you leaving money on the table?

Or, even worse, is your price turning away potential customers?

How do you know if that new product or service that you are developing (or are planning to sell) has a reasonably-sized, interested target group? In other words, are there enough people who will pay enough money?...
  • If no, you'll never build a profitable income stream.
  • If yes, what's the perfect price that maximizes that stream?
Do you have the perfect pricing strategy to reflect the current marketing conditions?

How do you know... how do you know for sure... that you have the right price?

Perfect pricing answers all of the above questions. "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" provides the information and strategies you need to determine the "Perfect Price." The course covers background pricing theory, key business models, target market profiling, the importance of the perceived value of your product or service, and much more... exactly what you need to make a profitable pricing decision.

Expand Your Business With The Perfect Marketing Strategy

Learn and apply the basics of how to design the perfect marketing strategy that works best for your type of business.
Marketing is defined as the management process which helps in identifying and satisfying customers’ needs — profitably and efficiently. It encompasses market research, pricing, promotion, distribution, selling, customer care, and much more.
This page will show you how to plan and implement your marketing strategy. It covers:
  • Objectives of all marketing.
  • Reviewing your market.
  • Creating a marketing strategy.
Marketing objectives
Every marketing activity you undertake should help you to achieve at least one of the four results below.
You retain your existing customers, provided they contribute to your profitability.
  • A poor retention rate means you have to spend heavily on promotion and sales, to replace the customers you have lost.
Your customers make larger purchases.
  • Replacing two $2,000 orders with a single order for $4,000 improves your profitability, as you halve the cost of selling and admin.
Your customers purchase more products from your range.
  • It is generally much easier, and therefore more profitable, to make an additional sale to an existing customer than to make a first sale to a new customer.
You win new customers.
  • Identify your best customers and target new customers with similar profiles.

Banks' Loan Loss Reserves

BW online has a commentary about how banks adjust their loan-loss estimates to manage earnings.
Last year the banks had an easy way to juice their profits. All they had to do was allocate a little less money to loan-loss reserves -- the money they set aside to cover bad debt. As the economy has improved and defaults have slowed, many decided they didn't need as much in reserve as they did in 2003, and presto, their earnings per share would rise a few cents.

Do a little digging, and the current numbers don't look so great. Detroit's Comerica Inc. (CMA ) had one of the largest drops in its loan-loss reserves relative to total assets, according to a study of large banks' fourth-quarter earnings done by SNL for BusinessWeek. Not only did Comerica fail to add money in the fourth quarter, it also extracted $21 million from the pot. That gave it an extra $98 million in income, or 57 cents a share, that it didn't have last year. The bank beat analysts' earnings estimates by 10 cents. Comerica Chief Credit Officer Dale Greene says muted loan growth, coupled with major improvement in credit quality, justify the move.

Beyond Photoshop

* The only book available that shows how to use Photoshop in conjunction with Illustrator, Poser, Painter, Cinema4D, and ZBrush to create sophisticated, high quality digital art
* Packed with stunning full color images from one of the world's most talented digital artists to inspire you to push your own creativity further than you ever thought possible
* Showcased projects cover techniques using vector graphics, digital painting, and 3D

Vsat Networks

VSAT Networks: Second Edition covers all the important issues involved with the installation of VSAT systems.Since the first edition was published, the VSAT market has continued to expand steadily. VSAT technologies have advanced, prompting an increase in the take-up of VSAT services.

Excel For Accountants

Accounting professionals learn how to get the information they need fast with this guide to Excel features that manipulate and sort financial data. Comprehensive but concise chapters explain how to automate the entry of common business formulas; how to use pivot tables to extract details; how to develop inventory, depreciation, and financial summaries; and how to set up other standard financial calculations.

Excel 2007 Dashboards & Reports For Dummies

* Unleash the power of Excel as a business intelligence tool
* Create dashboards that communicate and get noticed
* Think about your data in a new way
* Present data more effectively and increase the value of your reports
* Create dynamic labels that support visualization
* Represent time and seasonal trending
* Group and bucket data
* Display and measure values versus goals
* Implement macro-charged reporting

Financial Derivatives

Financial derivatives–financial instruments whose value depends on other basic instruments, such as stocks or bonds–are one of the most important financial innovations of the last century. While they are unsurpassed as tools for speculation, financial derivatives have also emerged as important risk-management tools in the corporate world. If you want to understand derivatives without getting bogged down by the mathematics surrounding their pricing and valuation, Financial Derivatives, Third Edition is the book for you. Through in-depth insights gleaned from years of financial experience, Robert Kolb and James Overdahl clearly explain what derivatives are and how you can prudently use them within the context of your underlying business activities.

Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques: A Guide for Managers

In a business systems context, this essential book explains how to:

  • Interpret financial statements
  • Develop financial projections
  • Evaluate business investment decisions
  • Assess the implications of financing choices
  • Derive the value of a business or security
  • Understand the role of analysis in creating shareholder value

Financial Systems, Corporate Investment in Innovation, and Venture Capital

The conditions for successful manufacturing have changed considerably in recent years. New technologies such as information technology and biotechnology are considered important players in eradicating poverty in developing countries, but the risky nature of projects based on new technologies forces firms to raise investment capital by means other than conventional capital markets. This book examines the role of venture capital institutions in financing technology-based ventures both in developed and developing countries. It also explores that part of venture capital activity which is hitherto vastly under-researched; namely the ability of venture capital institutions to render a whole host of value-added support functions.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Power of Business Process Improvement

Every business process in every organization can be made better, more efficient, more flexible and more adaptable to changing needs. Business process improvement (BPI) can drive substantial bottom-line increases, ultimately accelerating the revenue cycle.

Time Management for Dummies

When Bubbles Burst: Surviving the Financial Fallout

These are some of the questions that John Calverly adresses in the extremely timely and topical new book. He helps everyone understand what's going on, how policy impinges on it, what investors can do and what is likely to happen.

Marketing Management: Text and Cases

Step-by-step guidelines for successful marketing management!Designed for college- and graduate-level marketing students, Marketing Management: Text and Cases is also a valuable resource for anyone trying to market a product or service.

Introduction to Quantitative Finance

This text offers an accessible yet rigorous development of many of the fields of mathematics necessary for success in investment and quantitative finance, covering topics applicable to portfolio theory, investment banking, option pricing, investment, and insurance risk management.

The Dictionary of Mythology

This book includes myths, heroes, places and legends from all five continents, and from the different cultures and peoples found there. It has appeal to all general knowledge and crossword enthusiasts, and those who enjoy complete reference libraries. It can be read for enjoyment as well as extensively for reference. It is a serious player in its field, both by its content and extent.

The Photoshop CS5 Pocket Guide

In this handy new Pocket Guide, Photoshop expert Brie Gyncild introduces readers to the powerful features in Photoshop CS5, including new features like content-aware fill, HDR Pro, Bristle effects, Mixer Brush, and Puppet Warp. The book covers everything from navigating the interface and making basic edits to working with images in Camera Raw, making image corrections, and applying effects. There are chapters on merging photos, printing, and preparing images for the Web, as well as on organizing images in Bridge and automating tasks.

FaceBook the Missing Manual 2010

Facebook’s popularity is skyrocketing, drawing more than 400 million people to this combination online village green, personal website creator, and souped-up address book. But one thing you won’t get when signing up is a printed manual. Enter Facebook: The Missing Manual, Second Edition — the witty, authoritative guide you need, now revised and updated to include all of Facebook’s latest features.

Pencil Sketching 2Nd

The bestselling classic updated and revised for a new generation..