Saturday, June 26, 2010

WebSphere Application Server V6 System Management & Configuration Handbook

Together, IBM's WebSphere Application Server 3.5 and WebSphere Studio 3.0 provide the world's most robust environment for building, deploying and managing Web applications. In this book, a team of IBM specialists offer authoritative coverage of all aspects of deploying, managing, and developing with WebSphere V3.5 -- both Standard and Advanced Editions. Successfully install and configure WebSphere V3.5; then use WebSphere to build applications that incorporate JavaServer Pages, servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, JDBC, XML, and other powerful Web technologies. Discover how to use industry standards such as HTTP, IIOP and LDAP to integrate WebSphere into heterogeneous Web environments. Learn how to make the most of WebSphere's session management and transaction support capabilities; tune WebSphere for maximum performance and scalability; and much more. For everyone working with -- or planning an upgrade to -- IBM's WebSphere V3.5 Web application server.

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